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McKinney Amateur Radio Club

  Serving North Central Texas

Texas QSO Party 2014

Join us for MARC's 2014 TX QSO Party  McKinney Fire Station #7, 861 Independence Parkway - McKinney

… And you thought this year’s Field Day was a blast. (Well, it was indeed!) Wait until you get a taste of the 2014 Texas QSO Party!

MARC has plenty in store for the QSO Party this year, and many ways in which you can participate.

“So, what is this TX QSO Party anyway?”, you ask…

Where Field Day contacts are made in a “contest format”, it is technically not a contest. The Texas QSO Party, however, is a true contest. Participants are encouraged to make as many contacts as possible within the guidelines of the official rules (see www.n5bia.net/txqp for more details). As contest operators, we can use our own call signs to make contacts and pool our contacts together under the W5MRC club call sign for a consolidated point total. This leveraging is where it gets fun…

“How can I participate?”

Here are some ways that you can participate in the contest and benefit the MARC point total:

$    Operate in the leisure of your own shack: Ah… Air conditioning and familiar equipment! Since you will be making contacts using your own call sign, you can simply operate from your QTH and submit your log at the end of the contest. (Electronic format is preferred, but not required).

       Burn Down The House with contacts from The Fire Station!: More air conditioning! We will be setting up at least two rigs at Fire Station #7 in McKinney for use all day Saturday. There will be a Continental breakfast waiting for you in the morning during setup. Then, the contest starts at 9:00am. We are planning on grilling burgers and dogs (with all the fixings) for lunch. Perhaps pizza in the evening. (Maybe we can talk our own Rusty into whipping up some of his world-famous home-made ice cream…). If we have the operators, we will go until the 9:00pm end time on Saturday. (By the way: If you do not have your own HF rig, or hold a Technician Class license, this is an excellent opportunity to work the bands. We will have plenty of control operators on-site).

       OktoberFest in McKinney: MARC is planning to have a presence again this year at the OktoberFest Celebration in McKinney. Not only will this provide an opportunity for MARC members to demonstrate our unique communications and service offerings to the public, it will also give us another venue from which to operate in the Texas QSO Party. OktoberFest has plenty of festival faire available for your enjoyment! (Also, another great opportunity for Techs to work the bands).

       Going mobile!: You can pick a route anywhere in the state and operate as a mobile station. This gives you an opportunity to make contacts from many counties! (Oh, the points! I hope our logging software has enough digits for all the multipliers we are going to add!)

The contest times:                  Saturday, 09/27                                  9:00am – 9:00pm Central Time

                                             Sunday, 09/28                                    9:00am – 3:00pm Central Time

Check out last year’s results on the www.n5bia.net/txqp web page. Then, let’s cast our net far and wide and get as many MARC members as possible scoring points in this year’s Texas QSO Party! Let’s shoot for the top of the list this year. And have a great time doing it!

73 de Clark AE5WD


Sat Sep 20 @06:30 - 08:30AM
Breakfast at Denny's
Sat Sep 20 @08:00 -
MARC BOD Meeting
Sat Sep 20 @10:00 - 03:00PM
Raspberry Pi Class
Sun Sep 21 @20:00 - 09:00PM
MARC Information Net
Sun Sep 21 @21:00 - 10:00PM
ARES Net 146.74