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McKinney Amateur Radio Club

  Serving North Central Texas

MARC Repeater System

                                                           McKinney Amateur Radio Club, Inc (MARC)

                                                                               Repeater Systems


McKinney Amateur Radio Club owns and operates a total of five FM repeaters. Our repeater system consist of two VHF voice, two VHF APRS digipeaters, and one UHF voice. 


The "main" is the VHF system with its antenna located on top of the water tower at the NW corner of US Highway 75 and 380 in McKinney, Texas. A backup repeater to the main repeater is operated in standby mode with an antenna on top of the water tower at the SW corner of Virginia and Custer roads in McKinney, Texas.


One APRS machine uses an antenna on top of the water tower just east of US Hwy 5 in Melissa,Texas and the other APRS digipeater has an antenna on the side of a tower at the KMKI AM broadcast station in New Hope, Texas just east of McKinney. The UHF machine is at the same location as the Melissa APRS unit.



Output Frequency

VHF Voice 146.740  -0.600  110.9
UHF Voice 443.200  +5.000  100.0
Primary APRS 144.390 N/A N/A
Secondary APRS 144.340 N/A N/A


Sat Jan 20 @ 7:30AM - 08:30AM
Breakfast at Spoons Garage
Sat Jan 20 @ 8:00AM -
MARC BOD Meeting
Sun Jan 21 @ 8:00PM - 09:00PM
MARC General Information Net
Sun Jan 21 @ 9:00PM - 10:00PM
ARES Net 146.74
Mon Jan 22 @ 8:00PM - 09:00PM
Ladies Net